Church Family!

Fairdale Christian Church is soliciting your feedback.  This survey provides an important opportunity to share together in assessing who we are as a church and how we envision our future in the Fairdale area and surrounding communities.  The survey not only asks several sets of questions about our Church’s current ministry and your own involvement, but also seeks your input on leadership and your vision for our future. 

This survey is designed to assist in this task. This survey was developed by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research in Connecticut ( 
It’s important the collective voice of Fairdale Christian Church is heard.  The survey will not only capture your opinions, it will also provide us a baseline from which to measure whether or not we align with the needs of the community.  Here is what we ask of you:

Each member of your household over the age of 15 complete the survey. 

Complete this survey online (computer or phone). (However, we do offer a paper version if preferred).

Plan on setting aside 25 to 35 minutes to complete, uninterrupted. 

Please try to complete the survey in one sitting. If you are unable to complete it at one time, you won’t lose any of this information as it is automatically saved. 

When answering this survey, please check the appropriate box as indicated. If answering questions with a limited number of choices, please choose the answer that comes closest to the right answer for you, even if it does not fit perfectly. 

It is important that everyone participate in this survey!  Know that your responses are anonymous and vital to the growth of Fairdale Christian Church. We hope you find this process helpful in reflecting on your faith, the meaning of your church experience, and your hopes for the future of Fairdale Christian Church and its impact on the community.  Any question please email: .